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Sluggers - Phantom Fade Ep


“Miami-based collective, Super Music Group‘s, latest addition, Sluggers, have just wrapped up the Phantom Fade EP for OWSLA’s Nest IV, providing an epic collection of tunes with 4 new originals and remixes. “ - Nest HQ

Nest HQ: http://nesthq.com/sluggers-phantom-fade/
NEST IV: https://drip.fm/owsla/releases/sluggers-phantom-fade-ep#j
OWSLA: http://owsla.com/nest-iv/sluggers-phantom-fade-ep/

Like Sluggers: https://www.facebook.com/sluggersmusic
Follow Sluggers: https://twitter.com/SLUGGERSmusic
Listen to Sluggers: http://soundcloud.com/sluggers
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Release Date: Sep 21st, 2008
2015 Elefant Traks Operations Pty Ltd. under exclusive license to Nettwerk Productions Ltd.
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