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Ngày đăng: 05/08/2016

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Clean spaces have been shown to promote a more relaxed mind, but why is
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Difference-in-Differences Analysis of Health, Safety, and Greening
Vacant Urban Space
“Greening of vacant urban land may affect health and safety. The authors
conducted a decade-long difference-in-differences analysis of the impact
of a vacant lot greening program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on
health and safety outcomes. ‘Before’ and ‘after’ outcome differences
among treated vacant lots were compared with matched groups of control
vacant lots that were eligible but did not receive treatment.” Physical
Order Produces Healthy Choices, Generosity, and Conventionality, Whereas
Disorder Produces Creativity
“Order and disorder are prevalent in both nature and culture, which
suggests that each environ confers advantages for different outcomes.
Three experiments tested the novel hypotheses that orderly environments
lead people toward tradition and convention, whereas disorderly
environments encourage breaking with tradition and convention—and that
both settings can alter preferences, choice, and behavior.” Disgust
leads people to lie and cheat; Cleanliness promotes ethical behavior “While
feelings of disgust can increase behaviors like lying and cheating,
cleanliness can help people return to ethical behavior, according to a
recent study. The study highlights the powerful impact emotions have on
individual decision-making.” ____________________ DNews is dedicated to
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