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Ngày đăng: 05/08/2016

Chuyên mục: Kiến thức

Immediately after you die, your body begins to decompose. Trace thought
it would be interesting to take a look at everything that happens after
your heart stops beating. Read More: The 5 Stages of Human
“When people die, their body starts to decay immediately.” 5 weird
things that happen after you die
“Nature isn't kind to the human body after death.” How Dying Works
“After the heart stops beating, the body immediately starts turning
cold.” A Human Corpse Post-Mortem: The Stages of Decomposition
Bones, in the first year of death begin to bleach and moss or algae may
grow on them.” I’ve been an embalmer for 14 years and see my share of
bodies. Any questions?
“I spend my time with dead bodies, cleaning them and preparing them for
funerals. It's delicate work. Go ahead, ask me anything” What is
“There are two ways that a cell can die: necrosis and apoptosis.” Brain
Wave Surge Moments Before Death “A study of
seven terminally ill patients found identical surges in brain activity
moments before death, providing what may be physiological evidence of
‘out of body’ experiences reported by people who survive near-death
ordeals.” Life After Brain Death: Is the Body Still ‘Alive’? “A
13-year-old girl in California continues to be on a ventilator after
being declared brain-dead by doctors.” Crime Science: Methods of
Forensic Detection
Human decomposition: study maps internal bacteria “We may not be so
different from zombies when we die, after all. A new study analyzing
bacterial communities involved in the decomposition of corpses
illustrates how a cadaver becomes a living, thriving ecosystem for
microorganisms.” Stages of Decomposition “Decomposition of
a corpse is a continual process that can take from weeks to years,
depending on the environment.” How Body Farms Work “In order to understand
how body farms work, it helps to know some basics about human death and
decay.” Eyelid Closure at Death “Majority (63%) of
the patients died with their eyes fully closed, however, 37% had
bilateral ptosis at death, with incomplete eye closure.” Gross Stages
Of Human Decomposition
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