6 Internet Tricks, You Should Be Using


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Ngày đăng: 17/02/2016

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6 surprisingly useful tricks for anyone with a heartbeat, a computer,
and an internet connection. I made a list of step-by-step tutorials for
each of these tricks at http://bit.ly/AdvancedTricks Sign up for a free
7-day trial on http://www.lynda.com/thekingofrandom for access to over
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Music By: Scott & Brendo (“No Leash” - Instrumental)
http://bit.ly/ScottBrendoiTunes Project Inspired By:
http://www.lynda.com/thekingofrandom. They approached me about a month
ago asking if I could compile a list of some of my favorite internet
tricks from their website, so I dug around and made this list:
http://bit.ly/AdvancedTricks. I got inspiration for each of the useful
tricks in my video from their website, and wouldn’t have done it without
them. So special thanks for the sponsorship! WARNING: This video is
for educational purposes only. Use of this video content is at your own
risk. Project History & More Info: I’m usually more geared toward
hands-on hacks and projects, but these little internet/computer tricks
were fun to play with as well. Some of them I already knew about and
have been using since the beginning of time … like screen capturing and
private browsing. But many of them were new to me. Like using
Quicktime to record my screen, and downloading my Facebook profile. Who
knew? I have a screen capture program I purchased for $40, but I was
having so much trouble with it, I ended up just using the Quicktime
trick to record all the on-screen video for this compilation. It works
great! From a little quick research, I saw the “barrel roll” trick with
Google has been known since 2010, but this was the first time I’ve seen
it. It was new to me, and to my wife as well and we really liked it, so
I included it for those other people like us who haven’t seen it yet.
In closing, I don’t expect these tricks will be new to everyone.
In-fact I expect quite the opposite. But I do expect that the majority
of viewers will see a trick or two that they didn’t know about. I
hope my compilation was fun to watch, and educational at the same time.
If you felt inspired or learned something new, please like my video and
share it with your friends. It will help make them smarter as well.
Win/Win! :)
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