Kunkun Play Police Car Rescue Toys Power Wheels Truck For Kid Dolls | Kunkun Tv _ All | Kunkun Tv 18/01/2019


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Ngày đăng: 18/01/2019

Chuyên mục: Cộng đồng

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KunKun TV _ All | KunKun TV | 18/1/2019 | The little girl is sleeping and dream of becoming a police. When girl is on patrol, she see a women whose car in stuck. The girl tries to help the woman but she can not. At that time, a police car comes and helps both to pull the car up. Next, she meets a boy whose car is stolen. So girl ride her car to caugh the thief. You are wondering that whether she arrest the thief or not before she wake up or not? Is there anything not safe when her tries to catch the the thief? Video is very exciting for kids to entertain, it also educates kids not to steal anything and develop their desire in the future.

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