Luftëtaret Mace - Episode 24 (Albanian/Shqip Dub) | Mew Mew International Dubs 05/01/2019

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Mew Mew International Dubs | 5/1/2019 | This is the 24th episode of the 2nd Albanian dub of Tokyo Mew Mew, in which the title of the show was changed to Luftëtaret Mace (Cat Warriors). Despite using Japanese footage, this version is based on the Italian dub's script. So all names and terms for this version derived from the Italian dub. Note: Unlike the 1st Albanian dub, the dubbers for this version, Jess Discographic, did not legally buy the rights to the show. So they didn't have access to the show's raw video and music files. So when mixing this dub a lot of music from other shows were used. This and other techniques lead to some poor audio quality, which got better over the course of the series. Despite that, this dub still airs on TV. To know more about this dub, check out its wikia page here: