Cosmic Gate & Sarah Lynn - Folded Wings (Official Music Video)

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Get it here: 'Folded Wings' is taken from the new album Materia Chapter.Two: After their first pairing on 2014’s fan-favourite ‘Sparks After The Sunset’, Cosmic Gate and Sarah Lynn reteam for the next single to be taken from ‘Materia Chapter.Two’. On ‘Folded Wings’ Nic & Bossi develop a backing that’s as light-of-touch as it is upbeat and radio engaging, while its mainline delivers an irrepressibly elevating, high-on-life vibe. Sarah’s voice retains its amazing ability to emotionally affect, while her goosebump-inducing chorus and lyrically embracing verse draws you deeper and deeper in. All footage from the short film Falling Up: Written and directed by RJ Collins. Produced by Kate Lilly. Edited by Jon Jorgensen. Subscribe to Black Hole Recordings TV: ‪ Spotify: ‪ Facebook: ‪‬ Twitter: ‪‬


Michael Kaelios - Hunters at Night

Black Hole Recordings

18/04/2019 | Get it here: One of the massive upcoming talents that has been invading all the top playlists and DJ sets in the last two years has been Michael Kaelios. His productions spans the range from light to d...
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Activa & Simon Bostock - Contour

Black Hole Recordings

18/04/2019 | Get it here: Label A&R Activa joins up with long-time friend Simon Bostock to show us all exactly why they among the most respected names in trance. Contour is a beautiful nod to this specific type of ...
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Avenia - Kingdom

Black Hole Recordings

18/04/2019 | Get it here: Avenia a.k.a. Pietu Harvilahti is a highly talented newcomer to the scene. Scorchin’ label owners Super8 & Tab already spotted his talent a few years back and have been helping out to make i...
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Yang & BLU EYES - Lights Out [Teaser]

Black Hole Recordings

17/04/2019 | Out on April 26th AVA A&R and resident artist Yang teams up with LA singer BLÜ EYES for a fantastic new summery vocal track Lights Out. A quirky bass groove littered with traces of tech percussion builds into a decidedly uplifting melody ...
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Driftmoon - Renaissance [Teaser]

Black Hole Recordings

16/04/2019 | Out on April 26th Subscribe to Black Hole Recordings TV: ‪ Spotify: ‪ Facebook: ‪‬ Twitter: ‪
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Ryan Farish - Primary Colors [album]

Black Hole Recordings

Get it here:

Dream for a dozen years and you couldn’t come up with a career route the likes of which Ryan Farish has taken.

First coming to prominence when his compositions found their way onto the then nascent, through it they took on lives of their own. Downloaded upwards of 2 million times, with snowball-like-effect, his first track-drop garnered vast exposure. It’s a career beginning he describes as “almost pure chance”.

As an artist though, it’s a type of ‘overground-underground’ success that’s hidden him somewhat in plain sight. Hugely successful - albeit on an independent platform, ground-up his fanbase has built itself through online word-of-mouth. Despite racking up a run of Billboard top 10s, becoming a co-writer of a GRAMMY Award-Nominated Recording and notching up a cumulative platform stream count of 270 million, to the mainstream he remains something of an indefinite article.

That may however be about change. For the first time in his now 16-album history, the Virginia-born/LA-based producer has placed one of his long-players in the hands of a world-renowned label.

To that, Black Hole Recordings are delighted to put centrestage Ryan Farish’s astonishing ‘Primary Colors’.

If its advance guard singles (‘Stories In Motion’ and ‘Stars Collide’) have reached your ears, well you should at least have some idea of what ‘Primary’s 13 ‘Colors’ entail. Ryan is a man admittedly influenced less by others music and more by their approach. He cites the methodology adopted by artists such as Bonobo, collectives like Tycho and even the grandmaster of liberated electronic music-making Ulrich Schnauss - as his inspiration. Very much the aftereffect of Ryan’s formative years, this album is unfettered by sub-genre confines. When describing its audio, Ryan is loath to stretch any further than simply “electronic music”.

Farish sees the tracks contained on ‘Primary Colors’ as falling into just three broad sectors. “On songs like ‘We Are the Colors’, Time Lapse’, ‘Golden Sky’ and ‘Release” he expands “there's a heavy use of analogue synths”. That gives those tracks a shared tone and feel, which are distinct to ‘Primary Colors’. There are also the collaborations with Christian Burns (‘Safe In This Place’ and ‘Find You’), whose incredible voice and talent really created a new dimension for it. That adds a whole lot of vibe to the album. The last areas ‘Primary Colors’ extends into into are the chilled/breakbeat, tropical house (‘Endless Summer’ a perfect example) and downtempo.”

Shorn of the trappings of brackets and divisions, your most foremost takeaway from this album is that it’s music produced intuitively straight from the soul. Heartfelt, sometimes esoteric, but always valuing the musical path less travelled, it is electronic expressionism in its purest form. Says Ryan: “I worked on this for nearly 2 years, and for me what's most exciting about this release is that I feel it's something that isn't following any trends. Its a body of work focused purely on the music that moves me personally, from a technical, artistic & emotional place”.

What the DJs’ say about Ryan Farish:
- "What an amazing musician!" - Fadi Wassef Naguib (Aly & Fila)
- "I’ve been a huge fan of Ryan Farish and his ability to create massive atmospherics in such hauntingly beautiful music. This is music to concentrate to. This is music to have sex to. This is music to listen to." - Sean Tyas

What the Media say:
- "Packed with emotion and brimming with technical prowess, each one of his tracks flies in the face of critics who dismiss EDM as inconsequential" -
- "A symphony of tranquil piano melodies with invigorating beats titled, (former album) ‘Spectrum’, takes listeners on a soul searching journey from start to finish" - Only the Beat
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