Odette - A Place That I Don’t Know (audio) Ft. Gretta Ray


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Ngày đăng: 29/11/2018

Chuyên mục: Âm nhạc, International Pop

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29/11/2018 | Download “A Place That I Don't Know” feat. Gretta Ray here: https://Odette.lnk.to/APTIDKID

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What else can I do
When a city skyline leaves me blue
And indecisive
What else can I say
When your eyes they dart to and fro
But I can’t look away

I want to feel grounded
Like a sturdy oak
I want to be surrounded
By honest hope
I feel devoid of kindness
You’ve made this home
A place that I don’t know

You were so unsure
Of your own desires
You were tearing at your seems
Alas you should have known
That these alterations
We’re also changing me

And oh the hurt it lingers
Like a silent ghost
Oh this empty anger
Lashing our at smoke
I want to give kindness
But you’ve taken me
To a place that I don’t know
A place that I don’t know


Hands that grasp at air where once were things of yours
This mess I didn’t make but still it hurts me so
I yearn for you but oh my love you had to go
You made this home
A place that I don’t know

And all the times that I’d caress your freckled arms
When you would hold me in the early hours o’ dawn
These pictures don’t make up for how you left me scorned
And so alone in this place that I don’t know
This place that I don’t know

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