Neon Indian - "heaven's Basement" (theme From 86'd)


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Ngày đăng: 21/12/2018

Chuyên mục: Âm nhạc, Rare, Electronic / Dance, Chill, Indie, Rock, Punk, Discovery

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Shortly after the end of the last American tour, I began work on what would eventually become 86’d; my first narrative short. A love letter to New York cinema and in a way, a final recapitulation of the Night School universe. Shot on 16mm over the course of three nights, it was an ambitious undertaking for all parties involved but honestly making it was such a blast that at times felt like just that, a party. Im eternally grateful to all the wonderful people that came together to realize this kooky project and proud to finally be able to share it with music and moviegoers alike. Included with this is a vocal version of the shorts titular track “Heaven’s Basement (Theme From 86’d)”. Stay tuned for more in the new year ;)

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