Eli. - Finesse Me (lyric Video) | Aminium Music 17/09/2018


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Ngày đăng: 16/09/2018

Chuyên mục: Âm nhạc , VietNam Top Hits

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you think i don't know
about what you been you've been doing there behind closed doors

you think that i'm a fool
it's typical for you to treat me like some other dude

i know i shouldn't worry, what am i supposed to think?
i'm just tryna do good by you, sorry that i freak
but i just wanna feel like you're interested
i just wanna feel like i still matter to you

honestly it hurts my feelings when you read and don't reply
i see you postin' stories girl, there ain't no need to lie
you been sneakin round behind my back tryna finesse me
girl, if you keep lying you will never get the best me

no oo oo oh oh oh

they say it goes to show
sometimes i really feel it babe, you think that i don't know?

they say that you should know!
that girl she is no good for you, you gotta let her go

tell me how it feels to think you got it all figured out
oh oh oh

photo by fabian albert :(:
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