Eli. - Call It Love (lyric Video) | Aminium Music 23/07/2018


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Ngày đăng: 22/07/2018

Chuyên mục: Âm nhạc , VietNam Top Hits

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Aminium Music | 23/7/2018 | stream//download: https://spoti.fi/2mxYO8C & https://apple.co/2O8sZjx
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i'm on the outside lookin' in
you're not happy like you had been
you're not happy like you were with him
you're not happy anymore

i can't love you like he did
i can't do you like he did
i can't give you what he did
i'm not happy anymore

if lovin' was easier
maybe we'd all do it
feelings really fk me up
don't wanna go through it

i'm jealous of the love that you shared
what we have just doesn't compare

we make out and make up
get drunk and just fk
no love, no love
but i won't call your bluff

we make out and make up
get drunk and just fk
just fk, just fk
but we'll both call it love

why am i always so insecure?
i wanna be the one that you adore
i wanna give you what you need and more
i wanna give you what you need

empty my pockets
spillin' my wallet
give me your heart, baby let me unlock it
spending my money
trying to buy it
love can't be bought, no cause that'd be too painless

love can't be basic
i'm being candid
thought i could give her a life in the hamptons
thought we could clean up this mess we been making
thought i could give her my everything

photo by dear talented, emmanuel rosario :(:
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