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Ngày đăng: 09/10/2014

Chuyên mục: Âm nhạc , VietNam Top Hits

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9/10/2014 | Here is The Eden Project's (EDEN) Circles a bonus track off of the Entrance EP and on the new I THINK YOU THINK TOO MUCH OF ME!
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If i told you how this story end,
Would you change a step you take?
And if i could relive all of my days,
Id live them all the same.

Cos im scared, of all that i dont know,
Cos i want it all but all of it aint gold.
And im scared, but i know its not for long
Cos im learning what i shouldve long before.

That all we are,
Is a light into the darkness;
And all we are,
Is time thats counting down.
And all we are,
Is falling through the spaces in between;
Endless flight,
A lifetime in repeat.

But i still find solace,
When you say
That you know how i feel
When its wrong,
And it aint been right for years.

Let go, give these ghosts a new home;
Lets burry our past and our fears and all these bones.
Lets go, i shouldve seen it long before;
Cos this is my life
I will not run in circles
Ending where i start.

So hold on to me,
Well burn out slowly.
And feel our hearts leap
To words we dont mean:

Means nothing to me,
Cos i dont know what it is.
Im just dying to be
All that ive been dreaming of.
And words betray me,
Contradict all i stand for;
But im still learning.
Yeah im still learning.

That all we are,
Is a light into the darkness.
And oh we are,
Just time thats counting down.
And all we are,
Is falling through the spaces in between;
Endless flight,

Were falling to our knees.

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