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Ngày đăng: 05/04/2017

Chuyên mục: Âm nhạc, Electronic / Dance, Tropical House

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When does something become a problem? When does some *one* become a problem? If relationships are like drugs, when do you become a junkie and when is it time to back away? Is it late at night, in a blurry daze, four in the morning, only a blacklight on? Is it when you can’t seem to drive the speed limit, no matter how hard you try because your heart is always racing faster than your car? Or are there other warning signs, like when your boss tells you that if you show up one more time with bags under your eyes that you shouldn’t bother coming back the next day? For The Bearded Man, the limit came when this girl literally tried to set his house on fire while he was sleeping, nearly burning down the whole block. What? You didn’t expect something normal did you? The Bearded Man lives a crazy life. His problems are crazier than yours, but that doesn’t mean he has all the answers.
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