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Ngày đăng: 20/08/2018

Chuyên mục: Âm nhạc

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20/08/2018 | Aurora Aksnes is working on new music, and fans of the quirky Norwegian singer can't wait for its arrival. Once you've fallen under the 22-year-old's spell - and since the release of 2016's 'All My Demons Greeting Me As a Friend' two years ago, many have - it's hard to shake off the attraction to her wondrous idiosyncrasies. You can hear them put to great use in the dedicated nature girl's "Half The World Away."Aurora's music turns from joyous to bittersweet with an agility that makes you think a little deeper about each emotion. She recently told an interviewer that she loves to dance and be happy, but equally enjoys a good cry, "because crying is delicious." Our exclusive performance of "Forgotten Love" is a blend of both, and she brings a new authority into play. Check it out and hit her "Queendom" video for another taste of the upcoming sophomore release.

Director: Josh Goleman
Producer: Hailey Rovner

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