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RDB - Daddy Da Cash featuring T-Pain - Full HD Video Song

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Three Records presents the much anticipated track by RDB Daddy Da Cash feat. T-Pain!

Song : Daddy Da Cash feat T-Pain
Artist : RDB
Music : RDB
Lyrics : NS Chauhan
Music Label : Three Records
Video Director : Sumit Bhardwaj
Executive Producer : RDB
Editing & VFX : Harkirat Singh Lal
Color Grading : Chintu Dhillon
Artwork : Kalikwest

T-Pain featured courtesy of Nappy Boy Entertainment


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It's Only For Entertainment Purpose!
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Halsey - Now or Never (R3hab Remix)

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Halsey - Now or Never (R3hab Remix) ✘ Spotify: http://spoti.fi/Proximity ✘ Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBProximity So I honestly love Halsey's new album. There are a ...


Arcade Fire – Signs of Life

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This channel contains the best selection of music of INDIEROCK here you will find old and new groups but all with those songs that you will like to hear. La mejor ...


Sander Kleinenberg and Kraak & Smaak - The Journey (Kolombo Remix)

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THIS IS Retro - Volume 1

Release: May 7 (Beatport) / May 21 (iTunes & all other digital platforms)

Keeping true to the label's decision to go for sophisticated, retro disco / funk flavour, This Is Recordings presents an album with a twist - This Is Retro. The LP is choc full of deeper sounds, but ones which will still work on the dancefloor as well as being perfect for home listening.
The album is an introspective, thoughtful and predominantly heartfelt collection of hand-picked cuts. 


The music on This Is Retro has been compiled with dedication and genuine consideration. It has an unquestionably retrospective sounding streak running through the selection, but also a fresh approach to today's music -- it's retro, but it's firmly relevant in today's market.
Tracks feature from the likes of THIS IS label owner Sander Kleinenberg and many others. Sander contributes to the album with tracks such as Chemically, Remember When, Follow Me and The Healer.
Quality contributions have been hand-picked by the label, artists such as Kraak & Smaak, diskJokke, Djuma Soundsystem,NSFW, Ante Perry, Kolombo and Downtown Party Network. This really is a retrospective voyage into the old to come up with something new, combining some tracks incorporating that 'classic sounding' vibe with a fresh 2012 flavour.
The LP is truly essential listening, compiled with love and care by Sander as we approach summer 2012.


This Is Retro comes to us as a strong package of dancefloor as well as easy listening gems. This Is Retro genuinely covers the whole spectrum.
The album kicks off with Sander Kleinenberg vs Kraak & Smaak´s 'The Journey' feat Ursula Rucker. This version is the Kolombo remix, dropping the BPMs and taking us back to the 80s with a series of stabbed synth sounds and probably the funkiest bassline this side of James Brown. Young and upcoming Dutch talent NSFW furthers his growing reputation with a track entitled 'Coconut'. Unbelievably simple, but impressingly infectious, this is a track which is full, round, warm and uplifting. When the female vocal slides in, as well as the piano line, you know this track is where it's at. Kolombo offer their second offering on the track with 'Passin' Me By'. The track also makes use of subtle vocal snippets, up and down key changes, complemented with those crisp 80s drum pads.
Sander takes up the reigns with the impressive The Healer track, offering a more mellow, dreamy experience, with NSFW storming back with his remix of Kolombo & Oliver Klein's 'Espionnage'.
Djuma Soundsystem & diskJokke's 'Maneter' slows the BPMs even more before Ante Perry & Kolombo's 'Completely Positive' also does the business in a laid-back vibe.
Main man Sander rounds off the album with his sublime vocal workout with UK singer/songwriter Jamie Cullum. The track is the seminal 'Remember When', featuring Jamie's heartfelt vocals, with Downtown Party Network on the remix.


Kronos Quartet Tilliboyo

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no description needed its so good ,you ll either have to take my word on it ,but id rather you listen to it for yourselves and make your own mind on how great it is ...


Nightzel - Bust!

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Original dubstep track by Nightzel. I wanted to make something "dank" like all the kids are saying. so I did. ENJOY!

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Gaza Slim - Starting Over - Love Tri-Angle Riddim - September 2013

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Gaza Slim - Starting Over - Love Tri-Angle Riddim - UIM Records

WEBSITE: http://www.dancehallhits.com/
My Instagram: http://instagram.com/iamthedopeboi
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DancehalDopeboi/184412658247384
FOLLOW: http://twitter.com/#!/DopeboiMuzik

Gaza Slim - Starting Over - Love Tri-Angle Riddim

Gaza Slim - Starting Over - Love Tri-Angle Riddim
Gaza Slim - Starting Over - Love Tri-Angle Riddim
Gaza Slim - Starting Over - Love Tri-Angle Riddim
Gaza Slim - Starting Over - Love Tri-Angle Riddim
Gaza Slim - Starting Over - Love Tri-Angle Riddim


Nipsey Hussle - Love

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I don't never wanna hear ya'll niggas hear you say doubt this shit again.


Fake niggas don't show me love,
an all you fake bitches I don't wan't your hugs
I got this pistol with a gang of hundreds,
In this drop mercedes benz gettin dumb blunted,
Don't be surprise if you don't get what you never wanted
I'm on my fifth fly whip when you never stunted,
Never going broke funny cause i never budget,
Lot of niggas rounf now that i never fuck with
That's why i'm in and out of town an out in other countries,
It's like the less i come around the more i get money,
When i been catchin' wind lately that the feds want me,
But I'm a keep getting rich or it's gonna get ugly
So my moma i'm a gang bang graduate,
Pioneer the transition of this crippin wasn't easy nigga but i masterd it
that's why i rap so passionate,
Build my own name ain't no nigga ever hand me shit,
Slauson ave do you understand the averages,
The fact that i'm still standing speaks values to my savegeness
We lust lavishness an aim for extravagance,
even if it's only temporary at least we had this shit
i press the gas to 1-60 an the dash it is
My bitch licked the blunt an passed the shit

iPhone four is the life on tour,
get five racks every night what's the price on your's?
I'm down to splurg on my bitch cause i don't like no hor's,
Get the who fourth collection if she like that store,
Baby... grind crazy that's just how this life made me,
Trust funds for armani, in case this life take me i live it...
To the fullest never let this life break m, thus far has been a cold demonstration,
Number one question now is did the fame change em,
Fucking right... young nigga should i still be gang banging?
Wait hold up... hold that thought, take theses shots,
Before i sell my soul i'll give my life,
It's been a minute but we goin get right.

Watch... Hussle... Music

I'm out here on a mission and i'm all alone,
I'm far from where i'm going and i'm far from home,
Somehow , i know i'm movin in the right direction,
My Moma always told me i was going be special?

I'm out here on a mission and i'm all alone,
I'm far from where i'm going and i'm far from home,
Somehow , i know i'm movin in the right direction,
My Moma always told me i was going be special?...