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Cream - 3/3/1968 Live in San Francisco (audio only)

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Excellent show. Great audio. Indicates 3/3/1968 Winterland, but Cream played the Fillmore on the 3rd.

Sunshine Of Your Love
Stepping Out
I'm So Glad (fade out)
Tales Of Brave Ulysses
We're Going Wrong
Sweet Wine

Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals
Jack Bruce: Bass, Vocals
Ginger Baker: Drums


Eric Clapton - No Alibis

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Check out these other great videos!:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkKXHBN9hRU

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Cream - Swlabr

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Classic Cream song off of Disraeli Gears. One of my favorite songs by the group. Love the guitar.


Tyga - Ice Cream Man (Audio)


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From the album, "Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout ". Out Now!
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fuk-wat-they-talkin-bout/id1033246814?uo=4&at=1001l3Iq
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Tyga_Fuk_Wat_They_Talkin_Bout?id=Bx7immx24iu5ozxqnwmcbqrerre&PAffiliateID=1101l3z7

Music video by Tyga performing Ice Cream Man. 2015



Berner "Cream" (Official Audio)

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Track 14 from Berner's new album Hempire

Buy Hempire now http://smarturl.it/Hempire

Follow Berner


Paul van Dyk Live at Cream Amnesia Ibiza 2002 Whole Set

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Use http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnTj48BYcZQ&fmt=18 for best sound quality!:)

Paul van Dyk Live at Cream Amnesia Ibiza 2002


Originally posted by JayD
Paul van Dyk - Live At Cream, Amnesia Ibiza (08-15-2002)

01. Insigma - Open Your Eyes (Insigma Mix) [ATCR Records]
02. Paul van Dyk - Nothing But You [Vandit]
03. Hi Tech - Let There Be Light (JS 16 Remix) [Sumo/MoS]
04. Murphy Brown & Nu NRG - Aloa-P (Mr. Pink Remix) [Z-Sprung Records]
05. The Bass Tarts - Summer In Space [White Label]
06. Klea - Tic Toc (Magik Muzik remix) (Paul van Dyk Rework) [CD-R]
07. 040 Feat. Erica Baxter - Dreams (Remix) [Silicon Records]
08. The Moon feat. Nu-NRG - Supersonic [Vandit]
09. Marco V - Atlanta 02-02-2002 [Superstar Recordings]
10. Syntax - Pray [White Label]
11. Three Drives - Carrera 2 [Vandit]
12. Armin van Buuren - Sunburn [United]
13. Oceanforce - Euphoric Dream (Oceanforce Mix) [Elevation]
14. Nu NRG - Butterfly [Vandit]
15. Ghostland feat. Sinead O´Connor - Guide me God (Paul van Dyk Remix) [Vandit]
16. Solid Sleep - Club Attack (TPOD Mix by Paul van Dyk) [Vandit]
17. Connector - Interference (Paul van Dyk Rework) [MoS - Unreleased]
18. Blank & Jones - Secrets & Lies (Paul van Dyk rework) [MoS- Unreleased]
19. Paul van Dyk - Another Way (Club Mix) [Vandit]
20. Noemi - Y.O.U. (Mezziah Mix) (edit) [Jive Records]
21. Sun Decade - I'm Alone (Ronski Speed Mix) [Euphonic]
22. Paul van Dyk - Nothing But You [Vandit Promo]
23. Marco V - I Feel You (Paul van Dyk Remix) [Vandit CD-R]


Cream -"Sunshine of Your Love" Live 1968

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This was the last song of Cream's Farewell concert at Albert Hall. Here I have once again matched the video from Nov. 26, 1968 to the Audio recorded at Winterland in San Francisco on March 9, 1968.

What can I say, for musicians everywhere, at least me, the band I would choose to see in concert if I only had one choice. Fortunately, I DID see them in person in 1968 and have never forgotten how fantastic Jack Bruce, ERic CLapton and Ginger Baker were together that snowy March evening at Butler University in Indianapolis.n


Cream - Cat's Squirrel.

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Cream - Cat's Squirrel - Fresh Cream - 1966
(Traditional ,arranged by S. Splurge)
Unichappell Music Inc. (BMI)


Sesame Street: Whipped Cream Pies

Sesame Street

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If you're watching videos with your preschooler and would like to do so in a safe, child-friendly environment, please join us at http://www.sesamestreet.org

Throwing whipped cream pies.

Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization which also produces Pinky Dinky Doo, The Electric Company, and other programs for children around the world.


Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love + World Of Pain + Dance The Night Away (MONO)

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These are my favorite tracks from the "Disraeli Gears" album by the (first ever) rock supergroup Cream, originally released in 1967. In 2016, the monophonic mix of the album received the half-speed mastering treatment at Abbey Road Studios in London with engineer Miles Showell in charge. The LP in this video is a copy of the half-speed mastered version of "Disraeli Gears".

01. (00:14) Sunshine Of Your Love
02. (04:30) World Of Pain
03. (07:39) Dance The Night Away

Numark TTXUSB turntable - Nagaoka MP-500 phono cartridge - ART DJPRE II phono stage preamp - Vinyl record vinilo LP


Tyga - Ice Cream Man


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For the mixtape, "Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout".
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fuk-wat-they-talkin-bout/id1033246814?at=1001l3Iq
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Tyga_Fuk_Wat_They_Talkin_Bout?id=Bx7immx24iu5ozxqnwmcbqrerre&PAffiliateID=1101l3z7

Official music video by Tyga performing Ice Cream Man. 2015 Last Kings Music




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Bruce recorded the album while still addicted to heroin , according to Bruce's songwriting partner Pete Brown, the band ingested PCP during one session
"Then there's Jack Bruce — probably the most musically gifted bass player who's ever been."
The reissue includes full liner notes on the recording and production of the album, but mistakenly credit "Pieces of Mind" as "Peaces of Mind"


Jack Bruce - Can You Follow?

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Jack Bruce - Can You Follow
From the 1971 solo album "Harmony Row", Words by Peter Brown, music by Jack Bruce.

Can You Follow?
Hey can you follow,
Now that the trace is fainter in the sand
Try turning your face to the wall

Can you still read me
Now that the chase is wilder in your hand
Try losing your place in the sun

All the praises of the dream turned to tangles in the trees
All yesterday's fine chariots turned to buses in the street

Can you still hear me
Now that the songs are moving into night
Try sleeping with the dancers in your room


Disko Cream Just In Time

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more of Disko Cream at http://soundcloud.com/disco-cream
like My Page !!! https://www.facebook.com/pages/TheDjJade/266162783412644