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Arctic Monkeys - Dancing Shoes

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Arctic Monkeys - Dancing Shoes( Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm No t, 2006 ) Get on your dancing shoes There's one thing on your mind Oh, been ...


Sesame Street: Super Grover at The Penguin Party

Sesame Street

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It's dance time for these four penguins. But there's an icy obstacle in the way of their dance floor. Luckily Super Grover 2.0 shows up to unleash his powers of technology to move the iceberg so that the dancing festivities can continue.

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Pizza Heist - LEGO® CITY


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The LEGO® City is a world of LEGO, ready for exploration . Realistically vehicles and buildings make up the backdrop of this bustling city , where everyday heroes and villains capture off fires . It is a world full of humor and charm that ignited the imagination .

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The Last Shadow Puppets "The Age Of The Understatement" (2008)

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Alex Turner & Miles Kane are The Last Shadow Puppets.

Taken from the album 'The Age Of The Understatement’: http://po.st/TLSPiTunes

Directed by director Romain Gavras, their debut video is as big as Mother Russia, following our intrepid heroes' adventures in Moscow and includes ice skating, an Orthodox priest, Soviet tanks and a chorus of Russian Soldiers.

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Paw Patrol Chase and Rubble with Rocky Rescue Everest and Walrus Clean Garbage and Brush Teeth

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Paw Patrol Chase and Rubble with Rocky rescue Everest and a walrus by cleaning garbage and then brushing their teeth, by ToysReviewToys. Paw Patrol are at their Rescue Center when Everest calls. She asks the Paw Patrol to help her walrus. Chase asks Rocky and Rubble to clean the arctic garbage. Rubble bulldozes the garage. The Paw Patrol and Everest remind the walrus to brush his teeth. This video is made the "ToysReviewToys" channel in collaboration with the "DisneyCarToys" channel.

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Paw Patrol Duplo Lego House Collapse Rubble Rescues Everest

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Play Doh Arctic Stampers Sea Animals set Fundamentals 2014 Finding Nemo Disneyplaydough Pixar

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This is Play-Doh Arctic Stampers Sea Animals by Fundamentals. Creative playset gets pretty wild as kids learn how to press and stamp Play-Doh with fun Arctic Ocean Sea Animals shaped tools to create an Animal Kingdom. Designed especially for toddlers and preschool children. This Play set includes one playmat, 2 cans of Play Doh clay compound and 4 stampers: Polar Bear, Pigeon, a Walrus mold and one Orca Whale mold. Its a good thing I watched Blackfish, I know understand a lot more about whales and orcas. With the help from fish Nemo, shark Bruce and turtles Crush and Squirt from Disney Pixar Finding Nemo we're going to mold Polar Bears paws using the Polar Bear stamp. With the Orca Whale stamp we're gonna mold sea shells. With the pigeon dove mold we're making mint ice cream cone. Its really easy to DIY do-it-yourself using Play Dough, in this tutorial I will show you how to mold fish Nemo using orange and white play-doh. THX 4 watching another clay toy review from Disneycollector.

Finding Nemo is an animated Walt Disney Pictures film, produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Tells the story of Ocellaris Clownfish called Marlin and a Paracanthurus Regal Tang fish named Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), searching for his abducted son Nemo all the way to Sydney Australia. Sequel is called Finding Dory to be released in 2016.

Music from Kevin Macleod.

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Expedition Wild - LEGO CITY Studio - Pilot 1


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In each episode we see Kane Wilder visit some of the more wild and rugged parts of LEGO City, the swamp, the arctic, the deep sea, even space. In this episode, Kane will be visiting the Arctic to explore and survive with his team of sled dogs. Where will he go next?


LEGO CITY Studio – Behind the Scenes Episode #1


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Step onto the set and discover the world of LEGO® CITY as the Studio’s talented team of set designers construct scenes from your favorite LEGO CITY movies. Pay close attention, you might even catch a certain ‘wild’ celebrity on location in the arctic!
Check out LEGO City Studio - https://citystudio.lego.com/


LEGO CITY Studio – Behind the Scenes Tour


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Come inside for an exclusive behind the scenes tour. You’ll follow in the footsteps of LEGO® CITY Studio’s talented crew as they bring you the most exciting real life City stories!
Check it out here http://bit.ly/1V6vhem


Kensington - We Are The Young (Official Video)

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Official music video for single: WE ARE THE YOUNG

Directed by: Daniel Burdett
DP: Daniel Burdett
Production & make-up: Natasia Demetriou

Many thanks go out to Lizzie West, Nick Pool, Reece Burdett, Phoebe Walsh, Stena, Glenn Burdett, Matthew Burdett and Susanna Morales.



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Fire and Police Crossover - LEGO City Studio - Episode 2: Fire and Heist


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Will LEGO City’s top cop be able to catch the crook and retrieve the case?...More importantly, will the Firefighters ever get to go back to bed?!! You tell us the thrilling conclusion. Become an official LEGO City Studio STORYBUILDER! Go to http://LEGO.com/citystudio on June 16th to find out how you can enter for a chance to win a trip to LEGOLAND® and have your story used to create the ending to this video! Check out LEGO City Studio - https://Citystudio.lego.com/


Under 30 Minutes - LEGO CITY Studio


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Are you ready for Season 2 of LEGO® CITY Studio?
Catch up on the latest videos. Under 30 coming in March 2016!
Check out LEGO City Studio - https://citystudio.lego.com/


Special Delivery! - LEGO CITY Studio


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Whether you’re at home with friends or just hanging out, catch up on the latest videos. Special Delivery coming in March 2016!
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You’ve tried the rest, now try the best! - LEGO CITY Studio


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Are you ready for Season 2 of LEGO® CITY Studio?
Catch up on all the action as our heroes keep the city safe from predators. You’ve tried the rest, now try the best in March 2016!
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Hot & Fresh - LEGO® CITY Studio


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Are you ready for Season 2 of LEGO® CITY Studio?
Catch up on all new videos featuring your favorite CITY vehicles and heroes. Delivered Hot & Fresh in March 2016!
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Channel Promo - LEGO CITY Studio


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Join our talented City Studio crew, From Set to Screen, as they bring you an inside look into real life CITY stories! Check out LEGO City Studio - https://citystudio.lego.com/


LEGO CITY Studio - Behind the Scenes Episode 4


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In the tour finale, you’ll gain exclusive access to the talent that makes the LEGO® CITY talent shine, our skilled makeup artists.
Learn more about Lego City Studio - http://bit.ly/1V6vhem


LEGO CITY Studio - Behind the Scenes Episode 3


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In Episode 3, your tour continues with a breathtaking journey exploring the world of cinematic lighting to create mood and tone. Learn what the lighting crew does to bring LEGO® CITY Jobs to life.
See more at City Studio - http://bit.ly/1V6vhem


Local Channel - Arctic

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Released on January 22, 2013 Music: Local Channel - "Arctic" Local Channel new EP available in March 2013 www.lclchnnl.com.


Arctic Monkeys - Riot Van

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Another great song of Arctic Monkeys that was available on YT only in unclear concert versions. Here comes much better one. Enjoy - and check my other Arctic ...