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Polaroid - Imagine Dragons (Audio)

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You're listening to Polaroid, from the album Smoke and Mirrors by Imagine Dragons = = = If you like this song, you can listen to the entire Smoke and Mirrors ...


Let her go - Within Temptation (Lyrics)

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"Passenger cover"
Album: " Hydra, the bonus disc " and " The Q-Music Sessions " 
please let me know if i should do more lyricsvideo's
watch iin 1080p !
Please watch : "the whole world is watching" here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SXHmbHPv9w&list=UUQjrCfQLmU8z86Ad6K6GnAw

lots of love, x

I do not own anything!

Disclaimer no copyright infringement intended this video is for people to learn the lyrics.


Usher - Bedtime

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usher bedtime usher bedtime usher bedtime usher bedtime usher bedtime usher bedtime Extracted from the album My way.


Birdy - Strange birds (+lyrics)

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Little ghost, you are listening, Unlike most you don't miss a thing, You see the truth, I walk the halls invisibly, I climb the walls, no one sees me, No one but you.


ONE OK ROCK - American Girls

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Album: Ambitions (International) 2017 **LYRICS** I'm coming' straight outta Tokyo On the way to the coast To the head of the culture clash I'm ready to go Now, ...


Paul McCartney - Road

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Recorded: 2013 Producer: Giles Martin Mixed by: Mark 'Spike' Stent Road is the 12th song on Paul McCartney's 16th solo studio album New. Lyrics: We came ...


Westlife - Swear It Again

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Westlife's official music video for 'Swear It Again'. Click to listen to Westlife on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/WestlifeSpot?IQid=WlSIA

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I wanna know
Who ever told you I was letting go
Of the only joy that I have ever known
Girl, they were lying

Just look around
And all of the people that we used to know
Have just given up, they wanna let it go
But we're still trying

So you should know this love we share was never made to die
I'm glad we're on this one way street just you and I
Just you and I

I'm never gonna say goodbye
Cos I never wanna see you cry
I swore to you my love would remain
And I swear it all over again and I
I'm never gonna treat you bad
Cos I never wanna see you sad
I swore to share your joy and your pain
And I swear it all over again


Casting Crowns~ In Me Lyrics

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Thanks for watching! If you asked me to leap Out of my boat on the crashing waves If you ask me to go Preach to a lost world that Jesus saves I'll go, but I cannot ...


3T - I Need You

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3T's official music video for 'I Need You'. Click to listen to 3T on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/3TSpotify?IQid=3TINY

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I need you girl
I couldn't live a day without you
Well I tried to write a special song
A love song just for you
To explain the way you make you feel inside
Thought the meaning may be simple
And the words may not be new
I couldn't make it clearer if I tried
I need you
And I couldn't live a day without you
I need you
More than anyone I ever know
I need you
And I wanna build my world around you
I need you
I need you
Well I sang the words and realized
It had all been said before
So I tried a different rhyme that meant the same
But it didn't have the feeling
And the first one said much more
So I guess I'll have to say it once again
I need you


Broken Back - Better Run

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Here we are, I'm so excited to share with you "Better Run" another song from my debut album: Broken Back. Do you like it ? Pre-order: ...


Ultra Nate' - Show Me

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3rd song from the Album "One Woman's Insanity" Next Video: http://youtu.be/cZz1SMPwP88 I apologize in advance for the audio quality. This portion of the ...


Skillet - Splinter

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1000 ^^ From the 1996 album "Skillet" Lyrics: Here I lie again inside this broken body Wrestle against the tree, my muscles aching To get up now is death, to die ...


Skillet - Paint

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From Skillet's self-titled debut album "Skillet" Lyrics: We take a walk in the garden We share the fruits of life We live beneath this canopy Why did we take that bite ...


Guy Sebastian - Don't Worry Be Happy

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Guy Sebastian's official music video for 'Don't Worry Be Happy'. Click to listen to Guy Sebastian on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/GuySebSpotify?IQid=GuySDWBH As ...


A1 - Like A Rose

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A1's official music video for 'Like A Rose'. Click to listen to A1 on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/A1Spotify?IQid=LAR

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And as I look into your eyes
I see an angel in disguise
Sent from God above for me to love
To hold and idolize

And as I hold your body near
I'll see this month through to a year
And then forever on till life is gone
I'll keep your loving near

And now I've finally found my way
To lead me down this lonely road
All I have to do is follow you
To lighten up my load

You treat me like a rose
You give me room to grow
You shone the light of love on me
And gave me air so I can breathe


Bob Moses - Interloper (Original Mix)

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I am not affiliated with Bob Moses, and I have not and will not ever monetize this video. I just discovered this Canadian house act only 2 weeks before they went ...


Jordin Sparks - Tattoo

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Jordin Sparks' official music video for 'Tattoo'. Click to listen to Jordin Sparks on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/JordinSSpotify?IQid=JordinSTattoo As featured on ...


SDP - Millionen Liebeslieder

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Aus dem Album Die bunte Seite der Macht - Jahr: 2017 ›› Die bunte Seite der Macht CD bei Amazon kaufen: http://amzn.to/2mjGAGh ›› Die bunte Seite der ...