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Cooking is joy

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10 Kitchen Hacks in Under 2 Minutes with Foodbeast!

Life hacks

Even if you're ultrabusy, you have enough time (a mere two minutes!) forthis speed round of kitchen hacks from our always innovative friends atFoodbeast. Watch the video to learn everything from the most efficientway to stem a strawberry to the secret to eating a cupcake like a boss.Subscribe to POPSUGAR Food! our website for more easy recipes and cooking tips! Are we friends yet? Join us on Facebook! Get the latest updates viaTwitter!!/POPSUGARFood
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5 Top Kitchen Tips

Life hacks

Here's a few of my favorite kitchen tips and tricks to make cooking thatlittle bit easier. Useful life hacks for the kitchen. Other Videos:Cooking tips: Cut tomatoeslike a ninja: Servepineapple: How to cool yourdrink: Music: Cipher2 -Kevin MacLeod (
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