Food/Cooking hacks

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Food and cooking hacks

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Life hacks

More of the BEST FOOD HACKS & Life Hacks for the kitchen! Thanks toThe Co-operative Food for making this video possible! ➨ ➨ More FOOD HACKS: ➨ SUBSCRIBE to see more: Young people all over the country can now get 10%off their food shop at The Co-Operative Food. That's students(, apprentices ( young Scottish people ( - click on therelevant links for more info! ➨ TWITTER: NEW MERCH: FACEBOOK: TUMBLR: Hacks / Kitchen Life Hacks in this video: - Perfect shaped friedeggs - Waffle Iron pizza pockets - Cut an onion without the tears /stinging - Brunch Cups - bake at 180°C for 20-25 mins (until lightlybrowned & cooked through) - Packet sealer - Squeeze a lemon easily& get most juice out - Churn your own butter from double (heavy)cream - Peel eggs easily - DIY Breakfast Cereal Bars
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