How Do We Decide What’s Fair?


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Ngày đăng: 29/11/2015

Chuyên mục: Cộng đồng

Life's not fair, but who or what determines what is?

Why Sports Are Unfair ►►►►
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People Don't Actually Want Equality
“People might be troubled by what they see as unjust causes of economic inequality, a perfectly reasonable concern given how much your income and wealth are determined by accidents of birth, including how much money your parents had, your sex, and the color of your skin. We are troubled as well by potential consequences of economic inequality.”

Social economic decision-making across the lifespan: An fMRI investigation
“Recent research in neuroeconomics suggests that social economic decision-making may be best understood as a dual-systems process, integrating the influence of deliberative and affective subsystems. However, most of this research has focused on young adults and it remains unclear whether our current models extend to healthy aging.”


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