ATTACK ON TITAN - Full English Opening 1 (Guren No Yumiya) Cover by Jonathan Young feat. 331Erock

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Jonathan Young's full english cover of Attack on Titan OP 1, Guren No Yumiya
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Lyrics adapted for lyrical flow & rhyme in english by Jonathan Young

Are you the prey?
No, we are the hunters!

flowers with their names forgotten
trampled into dust they’re fallen
birds with broken wings are crying
wind can never take them flying
waste your precious moments praying
but god’s not here and nothing’s changing
if you want to fix your fate then
change it with determination

pigs will sneer at the steadfast
as we climb o’er the dead keep advancing ahead
live your life in peace like you’re just a sheep but
wolves will never lose their freedom

~Sick of the cage, that’s just the beginning
we’re a disgrace until we’re winning
over the walls like hunters, we’re fighting
they’re not the predators anymore

hungry to kill, you’ll never forget this
piercing the sky with scarlet vengeance
bloody the bow and arrow in crimson,
rally the hunters to war

draw the bow now, chase the prey now, don’t you let it get away
loose the arrow now, got it cornered now, never let it get away
string is tightening, arrow lightening, bow is just about to break
endless volleying, hunters rallying, till we execute the prey

it’s not the weapon nor the skill that
gives you strength to make the kill, no
you must be resolute, unbreakable and definite in will, oh!

We are the hunters - ever blazing like a fire
We are the hunters - ever merciless and cold as ice
We are the hunters - Draw yourself into the arrow!
We are the hunters - perseverant we will pierce the skies

The attack on the titans
the boy of yore will soon take up the sword
one who despairs in his powerlessness cannot change the winds of fate
the boy of yore will soon take up the dark sword
Hate & Anger are a double edged blade
the day will come, when he bares his teeth against destiny

to those, reaching for a dream, chasing after more than just your life
if you, ever will succeed, you will have to make your sacrifice
to think that any dream could be coming true, if you never take a single risk…
so step on up and take it, take it

fool’s indecision, just an illusion
maybe your reckless bravery
liberty’s pawn they’re pressing you on the
shackled will ride to victory