Rise Of The Northstar - Here Comes The Boom (official)


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Ngày đăng: 13/07/2018

Chuyên mục: Âm nhạc, Rare

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13/07/2018 | ROTN / "HERE COMES THE BOOM" - 2018(c).
Directed by Ben Berzerker
Cinematography: Benjamin Ramalho
Set/lighting design & Engineering: ExperiensS
Key Grip: Maxime Minard
Colorist: Thomas Canu @ nod.paris
ROTN Art Direction by Vithia

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Shadow forces, back to the front
Walks like the Prince, the Saiyan's stomp
Rage is on, anger is a gift
Breakdown weapon to kill you with one riff
Step by step we move forward
Tenshimato technique, unbreakable gard
Hard is the mission but I trust my faction,
Mystical ambition needs lyrical possession

BOOM / Watch your back the dope boys are back
BOOM / Dark mentor the Knight of the night
BOOM / Five soldiers still dressed in black
BOOM / One Emperor, undefeated might

Lurks in my shadow, hate waits its time
Like Gaara and his mother, untouchable rhyme
Crime after crime he consumes my soul
Day after day I lost the control
I try to react, fight back kick back
He tries to confront, attacks by night
The worst is coming, reality's ghost
This is the cost when you become the host
Humanity's lost, birth of the beast
At last the dark demon will be unleashed
Fist in the air, the story is on
Weapon of destruction, I don't come alone


Attaque contre-attaque matraquage compact
intacte est l'éthique, épique est l'équipe

Step back!

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