Jazz & Blues

Late Night Jazz

The perfect audio backdrop to an evening spent chilling out with friends or relaxing in solitude.
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The Piano Bar

Study, work, or just relax to some of the best jazz piano of today and yesterday.
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This Is: Frank Sinatra

To celebrate Frank's 100th birthday, we give you the essential Chairman of the Board. This playlist features 10 all time favorites followed by 40 hits and deep cuts in chronological order.
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Blue is the colour of the blues, the very origin of today’s rock‘n’roll, rhythm‘n’blues, soul music
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Big Band

Mighty, powerful, and explosive big band tunes.
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Jazzy After Work

Sau giờ làm việc, bỏ lại tất cả, uống 1 ly và "uống" 1 playlist Jazz...
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Gypsy Swing

Mind-blowing chops and faster-than-lightning guitar runs come together in this collection of Gypsy jazz.
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