• Lonely Sweet Nights

    Những bài hát chậm buồn thích hợp cho không khí yên tĩnh, một mình...
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  • Fresh For The Weekend

    New Music Friday has landed with your new favourites including Calvin Harris & Usher.
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  • Daily Lift

    Commute in style with today's hottest tracks!
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  • Mood Booster

    Bạn đang không vui ? Playlist này sẽ nhấc bạn ra khỏi "vùng sầu não" ngay!
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  • Hot Rhythmic

    Chỉ là những bài pop hot nhất trong năm, Play thôi.
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  • Texas Red Dirt

    Những âm thanh truyền thống từ nhạc đồng quê Texas và thể loại Red Dirt qua các giọng ca của Casey Donahew, Randy Rogers Band...
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  • New Music Friday

    Những track nhạc vừa ra mắt, cập nhật mỗi thứ 6 trong playlist này cho bạn !
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  • Pop Rising

    Những bản hits tương lai đã có mặt tại Videofly ngay hôm nay. Nghe luôn và ngay nào !
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  • undercurrents

    Hãy một lần thử khám phá những ca khúc Indie, Underground hay nhất có thể bạn chưa nghe qua...
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  • Lounge - Soft House

    Ngả lưng thư giãn hay thưởng thức bữa tối trong 1 không gian nhạc house nhẹ nhàng.
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  • Hip Hop Hits

    The hottest hip hop hits featuring Weeknd, Desiigner, Kanye West and more!
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  • Teen Party

    Tụ tập bạn bè và bắt đầu tưng bừng tiệc tùng thôi !
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  • Lazy Chill Afternoon

    Các bản nhạc êm dịu với tiết tấu vừa phải dành cho giờ nghỉ trưa, chắc chắn bạn sẽ không thể tìm thấy ở đâu khác ngoài Playlist này.
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  • Poptopia

    Đơn giản chỉ là 1 playlist các bạn thích Pop dừng lại, ấn Play, nhắm mắt và thưởng thức.
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  • R&B & Soul

    Dành cho các bạn thật mê R&B và Soul!
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  • Hip-Hop

    Chào mừng đến thế giới của Hip-Hop, nơi trò chơi "bắn rap" được hàng triệu khán giả ủng hộ. 
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  • Armada Deep Top 100

    Releasing in the broad range of electronic music, Armada Deep represents the deeper side of Armada Music.
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  • K-Pop Throwbacks

    Get nostalgic with these Korean 가요 tracks from 1990 - 2000.
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  • Armada Chill

    Chất nhạc Armada sẽ mang bạn đến với trải nghiệm nhạc Chillout hay nhất. Những ca khúc êm tai, dịu nhẹ từ Kygo, Armin, Buuren, Lowland... 
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  • Your Coffee Break

    Công thức hợp lý nhất cho những bản nhạc Chill không lời giúp bạn thoải mái làm việc, thư giãn hay cả khi đang suy tư nghĩ ngợi hoặc mộng mơ điều gì đó... 
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  • Love Songs

    Thả mình vào những bài hát tình yêu lãng mạn nhất có thể nhé.
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  • Sophisticated Dinner

    A sophisticated mix of jazz, pop, soul and legendary vocal songs from artists like Billie Holiday.
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    Tận hưởng cảm giác thư thái với những bản ballad nhẹ nhàng, cùng giai điệu acoustic.
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  • Applied EDM 101

    Our 1st Semester of Dance and Electronic. Approved for arts and sciences core curriculum.
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  • Mellow Pop

    Thư giãn khi thưởng thức các bản nhạc Pop du dương nhất.
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  • Digster In Love

    Tình yêu và hạnh phúc có thể không bao giờ cùng đi với nhau đến hết 1 con đường.
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  • Dinner Romance

    Bữa tối lãng mạn với những bản nhạc nhẹ nhàng.
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  • Romantic Ballads

    Thế giới chỉ có 2 chúng ta và những bản ballad lãng mạn.
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  • Hip Hop

    Das Beste aus der amerikanischen Rap & Hip Hop Szene! Neu, USA, US, Rap, Hip Hop...
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  • Stay Positive

    Một ngày tốt lành khi lắng nghe Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake... hát những bài mới...
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  • Singapore Top 50

    Your daily update of the most played tracks in Singapore right now.
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  • This Is: SIA

    Listen to the new hit single "The Greatest" from the supertalented singer/songwriter/producer/massive hit maker Sia. Follow this playlist to be the first to hear new music and all the best songs and the greatest hits from Sia.
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  • New Music Friday

    J. Cole drops a new album, plus music from Matoma, Fetty Wap, Major Lazer and more! Get all the best new songs of the week right here in New Music Friday!
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  • La Belle Musique | Daily

    Hey hey, this is your Daily Updated playlist! Every day we will bring you new, fresh-baked music here. Subscribe if you don't want to miss something interesting. http://bit.ly/labellemusiquedaily
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  • Summer Time

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  • 雨のメロディー

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  • Woman's Voice

    様々な時代を音楽に写し続ける日本の女性シンガー/ガールズバンドの歌を特集します。Cover: 土岐麻子 ★ #Spotifyはじめました
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  • Train! Train!

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  • Tokyo Mood Booster

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  • Newest Pop Mix

    最新のヒット・ミックスを楽しむならこのプレイリスト!Cover: アリアナ・グランデ × ジョン・レジェンドI #Spotifyはじめました
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    On the warm and lush Balearic Islands, mainly Ibiza, lots of DJ’s found an ideal party heaven, far away from dirty cities and oppressing governments. But Ibiza did not become popular in the nineties to party – the island was a refuge for thousands and thousands of worn-out ravers, tired of a music scene spun out of control and too much drug abuse. Alongside the migration of gays, artists and social outcasts to this asylum, these ravers sought a musical healing treatment for after-Rave symptoms and withdrawals, which would ideally be a downtempo fusion of soft House (Eurodance) and Trance.One result was an atmospheric genre fitting for the seaside environment. Not heavy at all, but a dreamlike soundscape with nature sounds or gentle piano melodies mixed onto a continuous Trance bass and beat: Dream House/Trance. Remarkably, Dream Trance was conceived as a means to counter the alarming rise of car accidents after raves, with a slow tempo of 130 bpm and the use of strings to keep the driver calm and focused.Another result was similar but slightly more energetic, with less complex melodies and added vocals, like an ambient version of Eurodance: Balearic House/Trance or Ibiza House/Trance. Balearic Trance builds further on the local genre of the eighties: Balearic Beat: a summer-infused, ambient type of Eurodisco. Sometimes exotic samples such as Spanish guitars or bandoneons are added, which makes Ibiza even more a sanctuary to forget all troubles - a concept to which the famous Amnesia club owed its name.
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    In the centre of the great electronic dance storm of the late eighties and early nineties, House music started to take on many forms. As both Techno and Ambient music had their influence on Eurodance, a whirlwind of (mostly temporary) subgenres confused many music enthusiasts: Dream House, Handbag House, NRG, Anthem/Stadium House, Diva House, Ibiza House, etc. It is within this surge of styles that the earliest evolutions of Trance can also be found. Like House and Techno, Trance features a strong four-to-the-floor kick beat and a similar bassline but unlike both of them, synthesizer melodies absolutely dominate any other part of the music. Usually there is more than one melody, strongly intertwined with the synth bassline, hereby creating a layered structure. To facilitate the hypnotic, entrancing effect of the music, the beat and rhythm are highly repetitive, with as little variation as possible. The earliest forms of Trance started in Germany, where House/Techno DJ’s created the plainest, purestTrance style. Particularly Frankfurt and Berlin were important havens of “Teutonic” (=German) Trance aka Classic Trance.Acid Trance forms the link between Acid House and Classic Trance; thus it forms the earliest type of Trance, but acid sounds occur everywhere within Trance and a separation of these genres is pointless. Classic Trance is a highly varied genre and difficult to outline compared to later Trance genres, but its identity lies in sheer simplicity, serenity and harmony: Classic Trance searches for an enlightened state of consciousness without forcing itself onto the listener.
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  • This Is: Max Martin

    "Right now, at this very moment, someone, somewhere in the world will be singing a hit song written and produced by Max Martin." Congratulations on the Polar Music Prize!
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  • One in Billion

    Những MV tỷ views có gì hay ho hấp dẫn nào?
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  • Meet Los Producers SKY

    Conoce la historia y disfruta los éxitos de este super-productor detrás de J Balvin, Juanes y muchos más. ¡Rompiendo el bajo!
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  • Made in Dominican Republic

    Artistas que representan con orgullo la Bandera Dominicana alrededor del mundo. (Foto: Juan Luis Guerra)
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  • Merengue Típico

    Siente el calor de la Republica Dominicana con estos merenguitos típicos. Photo: Urbanda
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  • Chill Singer Songwriter

    A mellow mix of fresh voices in roots and singer songwriter. | Cover Artist: Michael Kiwanuka
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    • 15
  • US Latin Top 50

    Spotify's 50 most-streamed Latin songs in the U.S. right now! Updated weekly.
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  • Global Voices

    New music from women all over the world, giving voice to their hopes, dreams, joys, fears, and love through music.
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  • 最愛...周柏豪

    還記得10年前, 有一位傻小子,他將不可能的夢想變成他的宣言,終於我們有生一天能夠和他近在千里。
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  • Fresh Folk 2017

    Fresh sounds and rising artists in folk & Americana. Updated weekly. | Cover Artist: Milo Greene
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  • This Is: Lorde

    Celebrate the release of Green Light and Liability along with this collection of her best songs.
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  • Transcend

    Transcending gender and genre: celebrating the exceptional music made by trans and gender non-binary folk from around the world. Cover: Habits
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  • This Is: Midnight Oil

    Legendary rockers, Midnight Oil will embark on The Great Circle World Tour in April. Listen to their biggest songs.
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  • Women of Pop

    Fra Anne Linnet til Rihanna. Dette er Women of Pop!
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  • Distortion 2017

    Musikken du kan opleve til Danmarks vildeste gadefest: Distortion.
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  • Türkçe Rock

    90’lardan günümüze gitar ve davulu konuşturanlar. Kapak: Athena
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  • Türkçe Rap

    Türkçe Rap’i yaratanlar ve günümüz sokağına kelimeleriyle can verenler bir arada. Kapak: Cartel
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  • Anadolu Rock

    Cem Karaca, Erkin Koray, Barış Manço ve daha birçok efsanenin sesi ve Anadolu yorumlarıyla saykodelik rock. Kapak: Erkin Koray
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  • Hot Hits Türkiye

    Dinlemekten vazgeçemedikleriniz ve en yeni hitler. Kapak: Super Sako
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  • Sütliman

    Tempoyu düşürmek, sakinliği dinlemek isteyenler için dingin melodiler
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  • Üçüncü Yeniler

    Günden güne büyüyen alternatif sahne ve Türk müziğinde yeni akımlar
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  • Yolun Açık Olsun

    İşe gidenler, derse yetişenler, akşam eve dönenler için yolları açan, trafik stresi ile başa çıkan liste.
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  • Pop Aşkına

    Pop seviyoruz ♡ Uzun uzun pop dinlemek isteyenler için 100 şarkılık Türkçe pop listemizi buraya bırakıyoruz. Shuffle!
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  • New Music Friday Türkiye

    Yeni şarkıların günü Cuma! Haftanın en iyi yeni parçalarını senin için bir araya getirdik. Kapak: Harry Styles
    • 48
    • 136
  • 60 Minute Work Out: Electro

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  • 60 Minute Work Out: Hits

    ワークアウト用プレイリスト。ランニング、筋トレ時にアップテンポの最新ヒット曲を。トータル60分で設計しています。#プレイリストあります #Spotifyはじめました
    • 12
    • 43
  • Tokyo Vagabond Tuesday

    J-WAVEで毎週月〜木24:10頃から放送中の"Tokyo Vagabond"。火曜日レギュラー・ナビゲーターはAimer。番組でで紹介した楽曲をプレイリストにまとめました。随時更新中。#jwave #Spotifyはじめました
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  • This is: RADWIMPS

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    大阪のラジオ局・FM802の人気番組「TACTY IN THE MORNING」(月~木 7:00am-11:00am)がSpotifyのオフィシャルプレイリストに! 番組内コーナー「10 MINUTES MIX」で紹介する音楽を、随時更新していきます。 アナタの一日のスタートを、音楽でパワーチャージ! #FM802#TIM802#Spotifyはじめました
    • 27
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